.The angel gave the book a name...

"Mehveh Jent UR"
means The Fruits Of GOD


.Give One Tithe, and this shall grow as a Mustard Seed.

And I took the little book out of the angel's hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.  And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings. - Click Here





Mehveh Jent Ur
"The Fruits of God"

These are the chapters of the book.:
Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace
Kindness .















1 1 This is the witness of David ,as
he awaited the Word of GOD.
He is given as a flame of
righteousness unto the candles
of the LORD's children.

2 "I have walked through the valley
of death and despair.
The journey to the edge of darkness
was an excitement of flesh.

3 Tormented with fear; and to promises
of pleasure I ran willingly.

4 The fear of evil is the doorway
to eternal darkness.

5 My willingness to be deceived was
a faithless denial to my LORD.

6 Desire is a well from which bitter
waters flow, and to sip of
desires creates an evil thirst.

7 I am the lost shepherd of Israel.
Into the night I followed the cries
of the people, hoping to save yet one,
except I lost my own way.

8 The death song lulled me into
enchanted laziness. Your cares
were not my cares and no cares
for goodness in my winter.

9 The king was given the heart of a
beast. It is written that the most
High rules in the kingdom of men,
and gives it to whomsoever he will.

10 The king who has walked in darkness
and returned again has a sure
footstep. The LORD sends those he
loves on many dark paths, that they
may count the steps for the blind.

11 The fear of the LORD is the surest
guide, and those that follow need not
complain, for the experience of the
leaders do comfort the ears and add
courage to the weary.

12 Why does the LORD weary his
beloved, unless the witness there of
serve the leadership of others?

13 The light of heaven can blind a man
though he have no eyes. The LORDs
trumpet can pierce the silence of the
deafened night.

14 My covenant is the covenant of
the shepherd. I know the path of the lion,
and the den of the bear. But the howl of
the wolf does freeze the flock, and
call the beasts.

15 I am come to witness of the path
of light that leads forth from darkness.
I have come to lead and to command
the people lest the fear of darkness
overwhelm them."

16 The king shall sow seeds into
the actions of men. His people shall
be called the trees of the LORD.

17 The trees of righteousness shall
be known only by their fruit.

18 And the LORD's servant, even David,
shall be king over them. He will judge
them with the tender mercies that the
LORD has shown him.

19 Yet when the LORD comes, he
comes with his angels, yea, even
his holy ones; and they shall burn
the trunks and branches of the dead.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

2 1 Tolerance is the fruit of
judgment. The whole world
before thee is as a little grain of the
balance, and envy is an unequal
measure of the LORD's way.

2 How can a man, even a king,
aspire to the wisdom of GOD?
Who can count the folds, and who
can place the fields of eternity?
It is envy to aspire to such.

3 Envy is an unjust weight upon
the balance of men, and who
may judge the fruits of GOD?

4 The garden has many groves
of righteous trees, and none alike;
each yielding different fruits. A
fool considers not the fruit of
others, offered freely in love.

5 The gardener considers the fruits
thereof, and considers not the
comparison. He judges each
tree by the evidence of good fruit,
and by the strength of the root.

6 The measuring of love, peace, joy,
kindness, gentleness, goodness, faith,
meekness, temperance, boldness,
and long-suffering is tolerance to
those that rely upon the balances
of the LORD.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

3 1 Boldness is the fruit of
strength and courage. Born of
the seed of love, it knows not fear.

2 Gentleness and Meekness is it's
nature, but in joy it does roar.
Patience guides it, yet the walls
of Babylon do not slow it, nor
give it reason for thought.

3 Boldness runs the paths of peace;
the fires of the Spirit do burn
away all obstacles in its path.

4 Boldness is a sword that has
been tempered in righteousness
and shall not break in the hand of
the faithful. Truth is its strength.

5 Zeal does sparkle in the eyes of
the bold and causes fire to rise
in the souls of his friends. It is a
blinding light unto his adversaries.

6 The Holy Spirit of the LORD
does fly upon the wings of
boldness. They are shelter unto
the messengers of righteousness.

7 To pick this fruit is to begin
the battle against darkness.
It is worthy of the warrior,
yet is given freely to the weak.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

4 1 Righteousness is in the life
of a man. It cannot be taught.

2 Often it is silent, but always swift. It
dies on the lips of a fool, yet sparked by
the humble actions of one righteousness
can spread as a fire in the hearts
and actions of men.

3 Righteousness is the power of love in
action. The righteous man finds peace
in the knowledge that he has done his best.

4 The cries of injustice and pain in
the children of men are as a battle
cry unto the heart of a righteous man.

5 It is not enough that the righteous man
neither see nor hear evil; for its very
existence is torment unto his soul.

6 A good man builds a righteous
home that he may have peace and joy.
The wise man builds a righteous
community that he will find friends and
allies, in the day that evil comes.

7 The first battle of the righteous man is
in the mastery of his own temple. The
foundation of righteousness is a man's life.

8 The king must master his own home
before he builds a kingdom, and a
righteous man must first be master
of himself before he build a family.

9 Righteousness is a brilliant flame.
As moths to a candle, it mesmerizes
the children of the LORD. There is no
fear in the full light of GOD, and its
glory does call those out from darkness.

10 Righteousness carries the sword of
truth, driving evil into the light of the
world where it withers and passes.

11 The battle of righteousness is a
battle of death for many. But the light
that blinds you is the brilliance of God.
In it you shall receive your sight.
You shall hear. You shall finally live.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

5 1 Temperance is the fruit of choice.
The fruits are numbered twelve, and
each has a season. Temperance
is in the judgment of ripeness.

2 Would a man pluck a grape
before its season has come?
Does the juice of unripened
grapes not make bitter wine?

3 If a man were to choose joy
in the time of his long suffering,
where is the lesson of the
suffering? It does not ripen.

4 If a man rest in peace in the
season of boldness, who shall
carry the standard, and who shall
fight for the LORD?

5 To plant requires a seed, but
to yield the seed, the fruit must ripen.
If you cast the seed of unripened fruit,
then the seed shall not grow, and
therefore your labor is in vain.

6 Therefore tend to the tree of your
own garden, and the fruits that do
grow, that come the time of planting
your seed shall be strong.

7 The dandelion does not of its own
strength cast its seed into the wind.
Nor does the apple tree labor to
dig furrows for the seed of its fruit.

8 The LORD has prepared a place
for the seed, and a cycle for growth.
His wind does blow; His rain
does fall; His soil is replenished
in a way that He has commanded.

9 It is the angels of the LORD that
shall harvest. Be patient that the
fruits of your tree may fully ripen,
lest they be judged unripe, and
therefore unworthy to have their seed
planted in the garden of the king.

10 Tend unto your own gardens,
and focus on the fruit of your spirit.
Surely if you grow good fruit, the
seed shall fall, whether you will it
or not. The duty of the tree is to grow.

11 Truly I say unto you that
righteousness and salvation are
as seedtime and harvest. Do not be
mistaken; men are the trees and
not the gardener.

12 Righteousness is in the growing,
and by its nature produces seed. The
seed falls of its own nature. Salvation
is of the LORD. He alone shall pluck
the ripened fruits.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

6 1 The fruit of love is in the planting
and giving of all the Spirit's fruits.
Love is the act of giving a part of
GOD unto your brother or sister.

2 To give peace, joy, kindness,
gentleness, goodness, faithfulness,
meekness, long suffering, temperance,
tolerance and boldness; this is love.

3 True love is found in selflessness;
in thinking of others; it is the trust in
GOD that his love for you shall be
perfect in its caring for your needs, if
you will only do the same for another.

4 It is written that GOD is love. I tell
you that if you would find GOD, you
must sow the seeds of love.
To accomplish this thing, you must
first produce the fruit within yourself.

5 To love GOD is to love the fullness
of GOD; He is the wholeness of all
of His creation.

6 To love the LORD with all of your
heart, and all of your mind, and all
of your soul requires that you love all
of His creation with the fullness of
your being. The fullness of love is
found in the whole life of a man.

7 The shame of man is in his pride,
for he chose to love himself more than
the fullness of GOD; our GOD is One
with all things; wherefore are you separate?

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

7 1 Joy is the fruit of Praise.
It is the song and dance of Life.

2 Joy is found in the song of man;
joy inhabits his praises of life. Life
is of GOD, and the worship of
life's fullness is joy.

3 This is the New Song that I shall
sing in praise to the LORD; it is the
song of the abundance and overflow
of the GOD of life. It is the Song
of Life; and it is born in the act of living.

4 "Father, I sing unto you with my
dance; the steps of life I take.
I've sought your face in children, and
listened to the voice of men; but in
my very actions is where you do begin.

5 I shall climb a mountain just to reach
the top, and I shall wade the rivers, with
no certain goal, I'm searching for my
answers in my own joyous way - it's
living in the world you made that is what
makes me whole.

6 I was uncertain in my path, there were
so many roads; but the journey starts
with one small step and
each man steps alone.

7 You gave me choice and life, my LORD;
You set your sign about me; it is my choice
to see. Your voice is in your whisper; it is
my choice to still myself if I would truly hear.

8 But a surer guide you gave me, and He is
in my heart; your Holy Spirit is the light
which beckons through the dark. He is the
voice of my conscience which I hear.

9 You have given me life, Father. You have
commanded me only to love You and to
love my neighbor. You have promised me
abundance and mercy if I would
follow your commandment.

10 My duty is to the harmony of all of
your creation. Therefore I sing the
song of your praise - to the living of
this life - so that others who stand idly
may find a way to stride; and those who
have been lost, find no more need to hide.

11 You are my LORD, my maker and my
friend. I shall never stand uncertain, for
I trust in you and I shall live to my
fullest this gift you have given me.

12 I believe that at the crossroads you
shall guide me; and even though I may
choose wrong, you will still take me
on a marvelous journey and
bring me home in your time.

13 You have been faithful and true to me
Lord, as you promised. When I was lost
you sought me out and guided me safely
back. I will live my life in abundance,
and without fear.

14 My duty unto you is to look for your
sign, and to listen for your voice. I
choose to follow my heart, my Lord -
for in Truth, this is your mansion that I seek:
a place of life eternal. Life is in the living,
and heaven is merely the abundance therein.

15 I shall sing my song of life in every step
I take. It's fullness is in righteousness - in
everything I make; for actions taken
justly are building new creation.

16 My Joy is in salvation, which kills the
doubt of wrong, thus freeing up my power
to keep my steps dancing - dancing to
the beat of song.

17 My song is Love. Father, I sing
unto you with my dance;
the steps of life I take."

18 The season of joy comes to those
who have sought the face of God.
God's light is in the being, and goodness,
and fullness of His creation. How can
you seek if you do not begin the journey?

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

8 1 Faithfulness is the fruit of obedience.
Faithfulness is the key of David.

2 The ways of God are not known to man,
but God orders the steps of the righteous.
Without understanding of the destination,
the faithful man will heed the guidance of
the Lord, and set his steps in motion.

3 The Lord is gentle and long suffering with
his children. He prepares the hearts of
men to receive his commands. Obedience
unlocks the door at which you stand. Only
then is the next door revealed.

4 Faithful is the man who chooses without
answers. To weary the Lord with questions
is not to accept His Word. Questions
answered require no faith.

5 The faithful sheep will follow the shepherd
and not weary him. The choice to leave the
path is mans. The wearied shepherd will
discipline harshly the one who wanders.

6 It is the choice of the child to wander
again. Little children, hear me; there are
wolves and beasts, which you know not in the
darkness of the forest. If you run to them
they will tear you and devour.

7 The sheep which hears the shepherd's voice
follows him and heeds his warnings.
Know this, children; the shepherd will not
always strive for one who heeds the call
of the dark forest.

8 If you do not trust the guide, then why do
you follow? To trust is to believe, and to
believe is to follow.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

9 1 Gentleness is the fruit of war. In the
hand of the righteous it is a mighty weapon
which darkness fears.

2 Gentleness is the bow of the Lord with
which He delivers guidance. He knows our
infirmities, and sees our blindness.

3 Gently the Lord molds His creations. He is
a refiner of man and delicate is His touch.

4 The Potter's apprentices are often clumsy;
marring the vessels. Great is the wrath of the
Potter at the intentional destruction of his
work, and the fool who does not receive his
instruction is chastised and cast out.

5 The first work of the apprentice is his own
vessel. As a man molds his own life, so he is
expected to show the same care of
workmanship in others.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

10 1 Kindness is the fruit of preparation.
Kindness is a tool given man.

2 Kindness prepares the soil for the seed,
for the Word will not root in barren ground.

3 Kindness is a pick which breaks apart the
rocks, and the hearts of men are often hard.

4 Kindness is a hand which pushes aside
thorns, and often men need help.

5 Kindness is a bucket which waters thirsty
souls, and a dry soul knows not to ask.

6 Kindness is found in word and deed.

7 Kindness is the mirror of your own desire for
love. With the measure of preparedness of the
ground, so is the yield of the harvest set.

8 If you do not prepare the ground of the
Lord's garden - you will surely not eat
of the fruits thereof.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

11 1 Long suffering is the fruit of labor.
It is the task set for the servants.

2 Many are the duties of the laborer, and
each has its purpose and season. The earth
is the Lord's and all that is therein. Do not
be mistaken; He shall judge the servants by
the plenty of His harvest.

3 The earth is a garden which man must
prepare. The trees of the Lord are trees of
righteousness. Men are those trees.

4 As trees do not flourish in rocky ground,
neither does man grow righteous in a
barren land. To prepare the garden is to
follow the instruction of the Lord.

5 It is written that the Lord shall destroy
those that destroy the earth. The earth is
the garden of the Lord. It is not wise
to foul the waters and cast residue from
your feet in the land of His children.

6 The fear of God is found in the knowledge
of His seasons, and in understanding the
faithfulness of His Word.

7 It is wisdom to know that a man's labor is
judged. A man with no harvest will have all
taken from him, and those that labor to
destroy shall be destroyed.

8 It is wisdom to know that His word shall
come to pass. It is wisdom to know that as
you labor, so shall you reap.

9 The Lord requires a harvest. If the rains do
not come, the servant must carry water. If
the floods come, he must build a dike. If a
man should foul the field, you are required
to replenish the soil. If thorns should
spring forth, they must be weeded out.

10 The Lord requires no explanation. It is
the harvest He will judge the servants by.
He will not heed the words of those whose
labor was unworthy.

11 To replenish the earth, to subdue evil and
to grow in righteousness; this is the labor
set forth for the servants chosen to tend in
the fields of the Lord.

12 He watches the fields from high, and
observes His servants. He sees their
labors. He sees when they turn their hands
from His appointed tasks.

13 Consider the season. Harvest comes
quickly. Many have rested while others
prepared. Many have sowed, yet many
watched. The season of harvest is a
season of judgment.

14 Arise and take your plow. Do not
rest in the season of labor. The work of
the Lord is the labor of your salvation.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

12 1 Meekness is the fruit of guidance.
It is required of leaders, and given
to the servants of the Lord.

2 Meekness is found in the knowledge
of the seasons. Humbly seeking God, the
meek finds instruction.

3 Man can do no good thing save he
follows the plan of the Lord. The Lord
has ordered a time and place for all things.
To be meek is to seek out His ways.

4 The laborers are often deaf and blind.
The meek must guide them, for having
received guidance, he is commanded to
be a leader of men.

5 The shepherd has a staff and rod. The
staff does pull the wanderer back into the
flock, and the rod is an instrument of force
which turns the stubborn.

6 Meekness is found in the giving and
receiving of instruction. All instruction
is the Lord's, but by authority he appoints
his chosen to command.

7 The sheep that does not heed the authority
of the shepherds will soon be lost; but
the shepherd that is poor shall have
his flock taken away. Indeed, he
shall answer for each soul lost.

8 To choose the staff and rod of meekness
is to assume responsibility. The harshest
judgments are reserved for the shepherds.
To the shepherd much has been given.

9 The mantle of the meek is boldness,
and his cloak is zeal. It is with fury
that he fights those that would steal
from his master's flock.

10 Humble is the nature of the shepherd,
but anger is a close companion. Strong
and decisive are his ways. A fool
underestimates his resolve.

11 It is written that the meek shall
inherit the earth. Be sure that you
have received instruction, but having
received, tarry not to give it in boldness.
Keep instruction to yourself only,
and you shall lose all.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

13 1 Peace is the fruit of Salvation.
It is the reward of the righteous.

2 It is written that there shall be
no peace unto the wicked. Nor shall
the book of peace be given until
a wicked generation has been destroyed.

3 Peace is taken from the earth.
Peace shall not return until all of the
Words of the vision have been fulfilled.
The judgment is upon the world.
It is time.

Righteousness Tolerance Gentleness Meekness Joy
Goodness Long-Suffering Boldness Witness Love
Temperance Faithfulness Peace Kindness

14 1 Goodness is the fruit of fulfillment.
Goodness is found only in the presence
of all other fruits. It is the last.

2 Goodness exists only in the absence
of evil, nor can evil stand in its light.

3 If you would enter into the kingdom
of heaven, then you must grow your
tree of fruits, leaving none untended.

4 You are a tree of life. Fill your
branches with the fruits of the Spirit -
which grow from the water of life.

5 Call upon the Lord while he may be
found, and He shall pour out His Spirit
upon you. Without this water no fruits
will grow to maturity.

6 Children, the water of life is a well
which shall never run dry to one that
chooses to drink. But the door to the
garden of the well shall soon be shut.

7 And what the hand of the King shuts,
no man shall open. Choose to be quick,
or be dead.